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Sean offers a wide range of services from photography, web design, and creation of virtual tours. Sean is a photographer specializing in architectural, real estate and event photography in the Caribbean, and is currently living in St Martin. He invites you to enjoy browsing the interactive portfolios of fine art photos and virtual reality panoramas on this site. There are 360° panoramic photos illustrating a wide variety of properties, villas, resorts and scenes from around the Caribbean. Sean is also a web designer specializing in creating custom websites tailored to meet your company's specific needs.

Here's a new video about the Best Beaches in St Maarten

Here's a new video about Twilight Magic and the Super Blood Moon in St Maarten

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Virtual Tour projects

Our new 360° panos and virtual tours are mobile device-ready: they can be viewed on tablets, iPads and iPhones and smartphones as well as desktops and laptops with browsers using Adobe Flash. Some examples...

Recent photo projects


21st Century Palace
Photographing 'A 21st Century Palace' for the book
by Geoffrey Bradfield.
This was a hugely exciting project working as a photographer for the internationally acclaimed designer and architect Geoffrey Bradfield — who has been dubbed "the billionaire's designer" by his global roster of wealthy clients. The resulting book is a fascinating journey into a world of 'functional opulence' and is a testiment to Geoffrey's immeasurable skill and aptitude for creating art-focused interiors. >> view selected photos
A 21st Century Palace | Publisher: Smallwood & Stewart ISBN-10: 0917841034
Ex Arte by Geoffrey Bradfield
Photographing a chapter in the book 'Ex Arte' by Geoffrey Bradfield. This was another exciting photographic project, working with Geoffrey Bradfield, the internationally acclaimed high-end decorator — producing a chapter of photographs in his book 'Ex Arte'. The photos explore the exquisite decor of a cliff-side dacha on the coast of St Martin in the Caribbean, full of surprises — complete with a "Moroccan room" — another example of Geoffrey's magic in creating daring, elegant and luxurious residences. >> view selected photos Ex Arte | Publisher:Panache - ISBN 10: 1933415789
Florida Design's Miami Home & Decor Magazine
Photographing 'Enjoying the Caribbean' for Florida Design's Miami Home & Decor Magazine. The photos of Michael Brosche, the internationally renowned decorator's Caribbean home made the cover of Florida Design's magazine and provided scope for an interesting article about his unique residence. Michael's renovation of his home with its multiples verandas and stunningly magnificent ocean view has created a magical, carefree santuary set in the luxuriant mountains of St Maarten. There is a sense of peace and harmony in the mix of traditional Caribbean and modern styles >> view selected photos Ex Arte | Publisher:Panache - ISBN 10: 1933415789


Visit our new website: Corinne's Villa and Townhouse - Luxury rental properties at Dawn Beach, St Maarten

New 360° panos and virtual tours are mobile device-ready: using the latest technology the new 360° panoramas and tours can be viewed on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones as well as on browsers using Adobe Flash. Here are some examples...

An amazing new 360° pano: Air France landing at SXM airport shot from Sunset Beach Bar

A new virtual tour: The penthouse at the Lighthouse, Oyster Pond, St Maarten

Born in London and based in the Caribbean, my passion for photography has accompanied me on my travels throughout my life. I specialize in real-estate photography, photo-essays for reports and presentations, shoots for businesses and international organizations, and private portraiture for exclusive customers.