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What are zoomable panoramas?
Zoomable panoramas are high resolution photos that can be viewed quickly and easily in great detail without long download delays thanks to software producer by Zoomify. Displaying a very large image on the web is difficult for a few reasons - you want your photo to download quickly and display in its entirety on the screen. But what if you want to show off the details of your high-res photo online?
Many of the images in our gallery are over 12MB in size and yet can be viewed in seconds. You can see an example here:
What are the advantages of a zoomable panoramas
Zoomable panoramas are particularly well suited for architectural images, maps and highly detailed photographs which users are able to view by zooming in on areas of interest magnified at full screen resolution. High quality panoramas are an excellent means of promoting sites and displaying the details of architectural works and such.
Adobe Flash is the viewing format for Zoomify images
Zoomify images are displayed using Abobe Flash plugin (which it is estimated is already installed on 95% of computers today). This technology makes it possible to quickly view high-quality images.